Saturday, February 04, 2006

Cloud of Doom

Something is going on here. Something weird.

And, because I can't blog about it, I give you this:

It's a word cloud, which is a happier representation of the evil (or not evil) that is lurking (or cheerfully lounging) about just now. This little widget scans your unsuspecting blog for the words you use most often and turns them into a t-shirt (which I probably won't be buying... probably). Or you can just pirate the image and show it off. I snagged this widget from JenLa.

(Rest assured that the cloud of doom has nothing to do with my family, friends, anyone's health or safety, living arrangements, or wedding catastrophes.)

In other news, be sure to watch UFC 57 tonight, if you can. We will be watching it all night long, with varying levels of intoxication at every fight. Weeeha! I might even bring the Second Fingerless Mitt along to see what happens when I drink and knit while watching men pummel each other. Wouldn't it be cool if the combination actually made me cable without knowing it?

Edit (3:30pm): The hovering cloud wasn't doom!! It was trying to tell us that the BEST THING EVER was happening at [public institution]. The monstrous reign of terror is over!


Anna said...

I think the "cloud" of words would look great on a coffee mug.

laura said...

I learned about word clouds in Grad School.