Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Home Sweet Roll

Today's post brought to you by My Sister Laura (the library-school student and the only one of us three girls who can operate a sewing machine. Mom likes you best for that very reason, you know.). She's responsible for the glory you see here.

(Ziggy presides over the picture-taking)
It's a needle case for my straight needles! They have an actual home now! (I was keeping them in my notions bag which, while sufficient to hold my crochet hooks and notions, was inadequate for holding needles. As you may have guessed.)

This red tie you see here is from an old pair of pajama pants that I loved and that died (or, more accurately, I grew past--in every sense of the word). Hooray for the bit that lives on!

Here is the case in its unrolled state. I love that there are so many different fabrics in this case... more to look at!

My needles have found their way into the specially-sized pockets already. Now that they have such a posh new home, they're getting a little uppity--"Take us somewhere nice!" "Don't you have a knitterly meeting tonight, the sole purpose of which is to show us off? Yes, you do. Show us to other knitters! Do it! Now!"

Resting comfortably after the energy-sapping boss-KathyMarie-around-fest.

Hooray for Laura! Thank you!!
(and Hooray for My Mom&Dad, who gave us a new digital camera! Thank you so much!!)

The pattern is found in Stitch-n-Bitch by Debbie Stoller. It is the Roll-Your-Own needle case in the back of the book.


laura said...

You're welcome! I love you!

Alison said...

That's beautiful! Lucky you. :) What kind of plant is Zippy? I need to get some living things for my apartment (other than my roommates, that is).

Lisa said...

I have one for my crochet hooks I crocheted myself, just to have SOMETHING to keep my hooks together, but I need a new one that the lace hooks won't poke through.

Hey! I have a friend who sews! And, I have all this nice fabric! And, I think of her as my sister! And, her name is Lara! Maybe the universe has sent me a sign...

KathyMarie said...

Alison, Ziggy is a finger plant. He was given to me by a good friend who couldn't transport him when she moved across the country. I've never seen another finger plant. She could have made that part up, for all I know about plants.

Heather said...

Oooh, Laura, it's gorgeous!! Do you take orders?? :D

Nik said...

I have totally been in a needle case making frenzy as of late. check out the blog.