Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Today: Sit-n-Stitch, Tomorrow: The World!

As promised, photos of The Noble Sit-n-Stitch.

(Janice & Kathy T. sporting new Halloween/Autumnal gear and being awesome.)

(Tammy working on another amazingly tiny bookmark.)

(Heather, petting the yarn ["It's gooshy!"] and looking disturbingly like her youngest offspring.)

(Anna, with a lovely afghan/throw that she started earlier that day. Showoff.)

(Anna, Kim and Heather; Wine, Yarn and Hooks. Is there a more winning combination?)

We met at my house on October 24th (yes, the photos are late. Note again the "Yarn" part of my geek status.) and had a grand ol' time. If you haven't been to a Sit-n-Stitch, you are totally missing out, my friend. We talk about ... well, I'm afraid I can't divulge that information to the uninitiated. You'll just have to come round next time.

Seriously, we had an awesome time. I wish I could host every meeting, but I have the Beloved to consider as well (he stayed late at work "to give you ladies some space"). It may have to be the library conference room. How about it? BYOB (non-alcoholic, one presumes) and BYOF (food -- cookies or other non-heat-needing [I'm sure there's a better word for that somewhere] goodies) and of course, BYOY.


SheCrochets said...

Hee hee! I like the BYOY! Though to be truthful, I would like it better if it was FYWBD (Free Yarn Will Be Distributed)!

KathyMarie said...

Hey, we're contemplating having a yarn swap next time (bring something you can't use, but which is still nice). Can you make it? :)

BTW, the word I have to verify is "fuddtg" which describes my current mental processes with devastating accuracy.

SheCrochets said...

I wish! I think the drive might make it a little out of the question! ;-)