Monday, November 21, 2005

Local Woman Neglects Stitching!

"Shocking!" say friends. "Is her stash up for grabs?"

(no way in hell, my dears)

It's been a long few weeks here at Chez Hook, and it has involved very little stitching.

Two weeks ago we got the diagnosis for my Grandma, and she does indeed have cancer. Plans are being made and carried out, and I worry about both Grandma and my Mom. Grumble grumble. But Grandma is in good spirits, and we are all trying to visit her as much as possible ("all" meaning her 7 children and 14 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren). I worry that she's missing her crochet (she makes afghans for everyone in the family and in the church), but she'll get back into it after she moves to a nursing home. I did bring the Malabrigo 100% Insanely Soft Merino for her to see, and to show her that not all wool is scratchy and unbearable. She liked it.

Thursday last I had a meeting in Rockford (whence stands the hospital in which my dad and sister [the nursing student] work, and Grandma waits), so I got to see Grandma again. I also had lunch with my other sister (the library student), who of course snapped this picture of me:

It's extremely flattering, yes, but I'm not posting it for the thousands of compliments that will doubtless pour in now ("Your brow is so shiny! How do you get it so shiny??" or "My, what a lovely mouth you have! Is that your tongue? How Michael Jordan of you to need to stick your tongue out while performing your signature move!"). I'm posting it as evidence of only the second of two pieces of stitching I was able to do this week. Two! I'm going bloody mad! (note the Julie-Scarf! Not as evidence of madness, of course. Just note it.)

This is the first. And it's a Finished Object (abruptly shifted from UFO status after a small but pointed domestic storm, during which the words "if you can't finish it soon, I'm going to go buy one" were uttered. As you may have guessed, this inspired a rapid--but not hasty--finish, with only slight recrimination).

It's the long-awaited BathMat. And glad as I am to have it finished (and to have been greeted upon my return from Sit-n-Stitch [during which the BathMat was completed] with joyous exclamations of "I can shower now!"), I wish I could have been working on Christmas presents, most of which are taking more time than I thought possible.

Fortunately, tonight Heather has invited Sandi and me over for a little impromptu mini stitch-n-bitch tonight. There may be wine, and there may be strange pictures (watch tomorrow's blogs!). I may even get far enough on the [unnamed project worked in the Malabrigo 100% SoftyGoodness Merino] to post a picture.

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the-library-student sister said...

Ha Ha Ha!! My evil impromptu-photo plan worked!