Saturday, November 12, 2005

I'll have one order of Normal, please.


First: Thank you to everyone who sent me and my family good thoughts, either by comment or by email. You all really lifted my spirits, and I appreciate it tons and tons. Thank you.

Not five minutes after I posted my last post, the midwife called and I drove out to a birth. I helped catch again, and it was lovely--healthy baby & healthy mom. I got home at 5:00am and slept most of the morning (Tuesday). I found out later that day that Nick's grandmother had passed away (it wasn't sudden, but still). I went to work, had to leave work to sleep, went back to work and taught the last crochet class.

Wednesday night I saw my Grandma in the hospital for an hour. That was positive, but a little hard. I spent the night at Mom & Dad's house, drove back to DeKalb on Thursday with Nick's Mom to meet Nick and drive to Elgin for the swearing-in ceremony (Nick is now officially a lawyer!). We spent some time afterwards in Geneva, shopping with Nick's Mom (she bought us all the bread in the Great Harvest store. Almost), then back to DeKalb. Friday morning was the funeral for Nick's grandmother, and that was hard. Lunch afterward and then back home and pretty much falling asleep immediately.

I want things to be quiet and normal. I want it to be the 23rd, because then I have a 5-day weekend. Granted, there will be Thanksgiving celebrations and whatnot, but that part is fun. Of course, there's not going to be much quiet and normal for a while (we're still waiting on test results for my Grandma, which will determine where she gets moved to--Madison or Chicago) , but that's what I want. Quiet and Quiet.


In the interest of normality, here are pictures of the wonderful Yarn Crawl of last weekend (Nov 5th) that included Anna and Heather (don't you think Heather needs a blog?) and Me.

(The grey yarn is totally copping a feel on the red yarn at Ye Olde Yarn Shoppe)

(Heather trying not to smile even though she knows I'm taking a picture of her admiring random yarn at Ye Olde Yarn Shoppe)

(Me, overwhelmed by the amazingness of the kid mohair something-or-other at Wool & Company. I was too gobsmacked by the softness to remember what it was)

[I had a picture of Anna and Heather lounging at Wool & Company -- they have couches there, which is wonderful because the place is so huge and so full of yarny goodness that sometimes you have to sit down and just breathe -- but the picture wasn't terriffic. Heather was talking about yarn and Anna was looking away at the sock yarn, drooling a little.]

(This is what I bought. It is Malabrigo. It is 100% merino. It is the softest damn wool I've ever ever touched. I went into yarngasm when I found 2 big shelves full of this stuff. I wanted to buy for myself, but I bought for a Christmas gift which will likely be finished in time for the recipient's birthday. Next Summer.)

(And of course, we had to shuffle through the leaves on the walk back to the car)

Thanks to Anna and Heather for making the day awesome, and for putting up with my incessant chatter (I had too much green tea that morning).


Pica said...

I've made a ruffle scarf out of Malabrigo merino (I think in Alpin Pearl). It's indeed incredibly soft and very easy to work with!

SheCrochets said...

Don't you hate when you try and get a "candid" photo and the person knows they are getting photographed so it stops being a candid?? I have the worst luck with that! :-) The yarn and swap looked awesome. Call me jealous. Again.

Laura said...

I wonder what would happen if that grey yarn and red yarn got together . . .