Friday, November 04, 2005

Gearing Up for Giftmas

I've finally got time to post up pictures of How I Spent My Long-Ass Weekend (minus the birth, of course).

Here, my trusty lampshade is modeling the 4x4 rib scarf (Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in Mist), which is a Christmas present for an unnamed friend or relative. This is one of the first knitting WIPs that I've attempted, and I'm kind of freaking out that it might not get done by Christmas. I didn't know that knitting took so much longer than crochet.

This is the lampshade again (doesn't she make a lovely model?) + Wine&Roses scarf, made from random swag, which could be TLC Amore and a feathery eyelash yarn whose heritage is unknown to me. The stitch is garter, the needles are 13, and it's flying by (but not as fast as crochet, more's the pity). This is either going to be sold, or it's going to a relative for Christmas. Who knows.

I've got another scarf in the works, one for my sister Laura who loves chennille. I'm not killing the surprise for her because she handed me the yarn and chosen pattern 2 weeks ago saying, "Make this for me for Christmas." Aye, cap'n. I started out in the pattern she wanted, but the chennille wasn't doing us any favors in the stitch definition department. The pattern is now up to me, and I'm thinking of something deeply textured and awesome.

And that's the end of this post, because my Beloved is in the kitchen, washing the dishes (I'm so lucky) and I should get cracking on dinner.


Pica said...

With knowing that crochet eats up so much more yarn, that knitting with novelty yarns is SO much easier, and that you can knit--but not crochet--a clapotis, I'm glad to learn this new advantage crochet has over knitting: its speed!

Great photos. LOVE the pink scarf.

Laura said...

"The pattern is now up to me, and I'm thinking of something deeply textured and awesome."

But I'd be deeply happy with something textual and awe-inspiring.