Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Numfar! Do the Dance of Joy!

We had such a fun time last night. Look how much fun we're having:

This is the tricksy bit where three people on the one side of the table are playing tug-of-war with two people on the other side of the table in order to get the group project finished. Tammy, Janice, and KathyT are winning, of course. Julia and I did what we could, but were vanquished. (The table set-up reminds me of descriptions I've read of wool-waulking sheds, where a huge worm-shaped bundle of wool is laid down in the center of the shed, and women agitate it with their feet in order to felt it. Granted, this description does come from a book set in the 18th Century... Still, it's very cool.) At the end of the night, though, we came up with this amazing thing--our Very First Afghan.

Yes, we finished the afghan. Thank-you to those who made the squares (Carol, Julia, Sandi, Anna, Tammy, Kathy T., Janice, Melissa, & Heather. If I've forgotton anyone, I'm terribly sorry and will make it up to you if you tell me.) , and those who helped stitch the dern things together over the past two meetings (Anna, Julia, Kathy T., Janice, Tammy, Sandi, Emily, & Heather). Uber-thanks!

We also had a little bit of trouble at one point last night

which involved performing minor surgery on the afghan. After extensive searching, the root of the trouble was found to be a wayward ply from the middle of a square worked into the joining stitches. Bloody little thing. Tammy and I managed to right it, though, after cutting the ply (*gasp!*) and knotting it back together. It was highly dangerous and the room was quite tense for a moment, but the patient pulled through.

Needless to say, I'm doing the dance of joy right now.

We ended the meeting/gab-fest with talk of our next Very Afghan. It's going to be in bright rainbow colors, and we're thinking of finishing each square in an inch-wide black border. This accomplishes two things: (1) The afghan will be very very pretty and have a lovely polished look to it, and (2) The squares will be much bigger and therefore we need make less of them. Thank gods.

Huzzah, and thank you.

(Tomorrow I talk about wedding dresses. Trying them on, trying to decide which one I like best, and having weird crazy dreams about white ruffles and beading flying at my face.)

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