Thursday, September 29, 2005

Crossing off the Big One

Yep, finished the baby blanket. I did. I finished it on Monday. I even have proof (ignore the horrific lighting, please and thankyou).

Here are all the stitches in all their glory. Glory, I say.

I swear I didn't take these pictures while participating in a horror flick, but that's what it looks like. The blanket itself is not this bleak and uninviting. :sob:

Right. That's over and done with (until the next baby comes along... I really do love this pattern tons and tons). I've got the ScarfMe project on deck, getting some rows in here and there, though I'm not sure if I'm happy with it. It may want to be longer, in which case there will be much frogging and much drinking of wine whilst doing so.

In knit news, I'm working up a very easy scarf (only slightly above my level!) in a 4x4 rib "pattern" in some inherited acrylic (the label says it's a DK weight. I scoff at that assertion! The yarn is clearly very nearly a sport weight, you lying dogs! I challenge you to a ... um... nevermind). It's working up very nicely and it's a good chance for me to practice my knit and purl. Here is a visual:

Now, I'm wondering. I'm going to see the Yarn Harlot on Saturday (and I can't tell you how awesome this is); can I safely bring a crochet project to the fun and games? I'm okay at the knit, but I have to watch what I'm doing or I'll stitch my sleeves into the work. With crochet, I can avoid looking and therefore have more eye-availability for watching the Harlot (and not looking like a crazy super-self-involved person who must whisper to herself the whole time that the Harlot is speaking). I think it'll be okay... Unless I run into the mad scary knitters who loathe the crap out of crochet and beat me to death with my own hook. I'll try to avoid them.

Tomorrow, we should have CABLE INTERNET at our own home, and I won't have to use the work station to snatch bits of blogging on breaks and lunch and such. There's a long story there, about how Comcast lost our registration (yet sent us the modem and installation kit, apparently without reason. How kind.), how they tried to charge us more than they should have, and how they are generally bastards. I'll save it for another time. Or I'll just leave it at the summary.

This is how autumn looks to me, and it's looking good!


SheCrochets said...

I say, bring your crochet to see the Yarn Harlot! You need to be able to enjoy yourself. Just be prepared to duel (needles at 50 paces?) with any rabid knitters that may take offense.... :-)

stephanie said...

I say bring the crochet. I'll probably only mock you a little. ; )

Renee said...

Bring something super impressive (like that baby blanket) and try to convince Steph that crochet is not the spawn of Satan.

If you get into a duel with a crochet hook against a needle you'll likely lose. Try a yarn-off instead (who can use up this skein of yarn first?)....crochet uses 3 times the yarn, you're bound to win.

Tiffany said...

Your blanket looks wonderful! I made that same pattern for my best friend's little girl and it felt like it took forever to finish, but it was well worth it.