Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Pleased as Punch

And I am, because my beloved got a job offer this morning. !!! This may seem unexciting to everyone else, but it's my blog and I'll gush if I want to.

Jobs are a bit thin on the ground for newly-graduated law students--everyone wants 2-3 years experience, but does not offer to provide that experience. Anyhow, after searching and searching, my extremely brilliant and devestatingly handsome fiance received a job offer this AM at a lovely firm in a town far, far away. Not very far. Forty-five minutes away (by car, of course). It sounds wonderful: not high-pressure, decent salary, delightful benefits (for me, too!), and a comfortable work environment.

I'm terrifically proud of Nick all the time, and just thrilled beyond belief that things are working out so well. Hooray!

Forgive my less-than-coherent-ness. It's all the joy.


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Thank you!! (as though I'm the one with the new job, but Nick thanks you as well)